Mt Greenwood Colts Youth Organization

The Mt. Greenwood Colts are a non profit youth organization that has been servicing the local community for 50yrs. We teach football and cheerleading. The Colts are currently in the Metro Youth football League.


The ages for Football are 5-14yrs old:

Flag football 5-6yrs

Superpeewee 7-8yrs - 85lbs

Peewee 9-10yrs - 100lbs

Widgets 11-12 - 125lbs

Juniors 13-14 155lbs (Not in high school)

** Depending on when player's birthdate fall


Cheerleading grades are:

Superpeewee 1st-2nd grade

Peewwees 3rd-4th grade

Widgets 5th-6th grade

Juniors 7th-8th grade


The Colts also participate every year in the NYFC youth football tourny held in Daytona Beach Florida, and both the boys and girls compete. The boys play two football games and the girls compete in a cheerleading tournament where they get to meet people from all over the country and experience a once in a life time trip with friends and family.